Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WORK-This is why i havent blogged:

I work about 8-10 hrs 5 times a week, I go to school right after work for about 4 hours and I get home and do homewrok til about 2am sometimes it goes til 4am then start it all again at 6am. My life is crazy and I know I am definately working on fixing this schedule for the mean time Ill proudly ride this train all thE way to the top of that hill.

Lets recap the last few weeks via my Iphone shall we:

I'll be posting pictures of the rest of the dresses I've made soon, I promise you'll like!


  1. I love the dress and the shoes! their sick!! how do you addspikes to clothing.. Ihave this vintage blazer that I want to spike out...out of control status like Samantha in the red dress with the spikes from sex and the city2..any tips>

  2. yes ma'm ill put a post up about it this weeknd!

  3. OH..........EM.........GEE keep us posted I am in love with that dress, with the shoes the entire ensemble! OH my goodness to die for. Mas y mas y mas........Will be anticipating mre postings :)

  4. You have to show us how you made those shoes!!!! effing dope!!