Saturday, June 5, 2010

DIY-Studded hoodie

I decided to take a quick break and take a morning day out to Venice Beach, so I ripped yet another hoodie short and added studs  Took me about an hour to finish just because I added alot of studs:

This is what Youll need:
1) Shears aka fabric scissors

2)Studs or studded belt
3)Pliers or shark object (i used an extra awl I had)

After unbending the stud legs and bending them on to the hoodie we were set and on our way to sea and sun.

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  1. ooooh giiiiiirl..thanks for this! it totally makes sense..kinda like in kinder when you made cut outs of pople and all the bendy part u had to use those tacs, where u pierce tha paper and then open the I just gotta kind some killer spikes ...thanks for the post..p.s ur body is sick..dangerous curves ahead eehhhhh lol